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Gota Canal Cruises - Sweden
Travel through history in historic ships
2 - 4 & 6 day cruises

Gota Canal Cruise, Sweden Cruise

gota canal cruise, sweden cruise


Göta Canal Cruises – a historic journey through three centuries.

A journey on our canal boats is like taking a trip in another world. You leave the stress of everyday living behind you, turn off your mobile phone and give yourself a few days of total relaxation with good food, exciting meetings and rewarding conversations. Outside the countryside slowly glides by. You will meet people from around the world; you may even find yourself. Whichever, the journey will surely give you lifelong memories to treasure.

Four or six-day cruises
The traditional route from Gothenburg to Stockholm or in reverse has been maintained since the shipping company was founded in 1869. Today we offer two different cruises on this route. The difference is that in the four-day cruise, the ship only docks one night at a quay, while in the six-day journey we stop each night. This means that we have time to stop more often along the canal – exactly which stops can vary somewhat depending on your direction.

Two-day cruises
This is a cruise through the lovely Östgöta section of the Göta Canal, journeying from Motala on the shore of the Lake Vänern to the idyllic town of Söderköping or in reverse. This is the right alternative cruise for anyone wishing to try a canal cruise in a somewhat smaller format. Yet in spite of the fact that you only spend one night on the ship, there is time for many experiences. Among these are the imposing lock stairs at Berg and an exclusive visit to the Runstorp manor house. The return trip to your starting point by bus is included in the basic cost for the cruise.

Gota Canal Cruises

2 days - Mini Canal Cruise from Motala to Söderköping (or reverse) on Wilhelm Tham
4 days - From Coast to Coast - Gothenburg to Stockholm (or reverse) on Wilhelm Tham
4 days - The Classic Canal Cruise - Gothenburg to Stockholm (or reverse) on MS Juno
6 days - The Great Swedish Cruise - Gothenburg to Stockholm (or reverse) on MS Diana & Wilhelm Tham

Life aboard a Gota Canal Cruise Ship

These 60 passenger steam ships offer an historic ride from coast to coast in an intimate setting. Read the details below:
All cabins are small, have a washbasin with hot and cold water and are without private facilities. Showers are on Main and Bridge Decks and toilets are on all Decks. On Shelter Deck there is a Dining Room and a Lounge with a small library.


The cabins are charming, but small! With the exception of the cabins on the main deck (cat. C) on M/S Diana (and some special cabins on the other two ships – see below), they are fitted with bunk beds and are about the size of a sleeping compartment on a train.

All cabins are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold water. None of the cabins have private facilities. However, showers are provided on all decks (except shelter deck on the M/S Diana), as well as toilets.

The ships use 220 V electricity and there are outlets in all cabins.

Category A: These cabins are located on bridge deck (= the upper deck). All the cabins have bunk beds. There is a small window by the side of the door. The door opens onto deck instead of inside corridor, which means that you have to go outside in order to go to the toilet and shower. The stairs to the bridge deck are quite steep. “Extras” for category A include sparkling wine, fruit and a bathrobe in the cabin.

Category B: These cabins are located on shelter deck (= the middle deck). On this deck you will also find the dining room and a small lounge. All the cabins have bunk beds. There is a small window by the side of the door or in the cabin door itself. The door opens onto deck instead of inside corridor.

Category C: These cabins are located on main deck (= the lower deck) with centre aisle and inside passage to the toilets and showers. Most of the cabins have bunk beds (except double cabins on the M/S Diana and some special cabins on the other two ships – see below). The cabins have a porthole.

Double cabins:

M/S Juno and M/S Wilhelm Tham all double cabins have bunk beds (one upper + one lower bed) except the “Honeymoon cabins”.

On M/S Diana  the double cabins in cat. C (main deck) have two lower beds, while there are bunk beds in cat. B and cat. A.

3-bed cabins: 3-bed cabins are only available in category C (main deck).
- On M/S Juno the two 3-bed cabins are situated in the aft of the ship, near the propeller. Please note that    these cabins can only accommodate two adults and one child (up to the age of 10-12).
M/S Diana has three 3-bed cabins (cat. C, double cabins with an extra upper bed). These 3-bed cabins on the M/S Diana can be booked by three adults, though space is a bit tight then.
- M/S Wilhelm Tham has a 4-bed cabin (see below) and this cabin can be booked as 3-bed cabin as well.

4-bed cabins:

M/S Wilhelm Tham has one 4-bed cabin (with two bunk beds) in cat. C (main deck). The 4-bed cabin can also be booked as a 3-bed cabin. If a 4-bed cabin is booked for double occupancy (= two persons only), the charge will be the same as for a double cabin in cat. B.

Queen size bed:

In Cat. C cabins (main deck), the M/S Juno and the M/S Wilhelm Tham have one double cabin with a “Queen size” bed (120 centimetres wide), which can be booked for double or single occupancy. This is the so called “Honeymoon cabin”! Please note that the cost for this cabin is the same as for cat. B, even though it is located on main deck.


Boarding takes place at the earliest one hour and no later than 15 minutes before departure.


A breakfast buffet is served every day (except on the departure day of the cruise). The menu at lunch and dinner is fixed. Lunch consists of two courses and in the early evening we serve a three-course dinner.

Dietary and special food

Any special requirements concerning food (e.g. vegetarian meals, diabetic, any kind of food allergies, etc.) must be stated in advance.


For safety reasons, and for the comfort of other guests, smoking is only permitted outdoors at the places so marked. Smoking is prohibited in the cabins, dining room and lounge.

Tour guide

The tour guide holds daily information meetings in three languages (Swedish, English and German) to let the passengers know what is going to happen during the day, tell them the history of the canal and the local sites, as well as provide practical information. The tour guide will be available throughout the cruise and even lead some of the shore trips.


All the excursions are included in our prices. Most of the guided excursions are on foot and require that you can manage a normal walking pace.


Children travelling with us must be at least seven year old and sleep in a separate bed. There are no child discounts available.

Physical barriers

Our ships are charming, but old, which means that thresholds are high and stairways steep. In addition, most shore excursions are on foot. For this reason, if you have clients who are physically disadvantaged, you should indicate this when making the reservation.

Arrival at the end of the cruise

Arrival times are approximate, as weather and traffic conditions can cause some delays. For that reason you should arrange for your clients to have a good time margin for continued travel on the day of arrival. The shipping company cannot be held responsible for any additional costs in conjunction with delays that are beyond the company’s control. Please make sure that you book your clients’ flights, train trips or ferry connections with a good time margin!!

* For reasons of navigation and passenger safety, the cruise line and the Captain of the ship reserve the right to modify the itinerary of the cruise.

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