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Intimate and relaxing cruises on luxury barges

Barge cruise
Travel France's small waterways and experience small villages with world class sites.

Barging is an excellent way to explore the peaceful canals and rivers of Europe. Cruising slowly through the counrtyside enables you to appreciate the true beauty of the country. You can cycle the canal paths, visit vineyards, historic villages or just relax with friends.

List of Barge Cruises
Cruise Title
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A cruise along the Marne-Rhine Canal - from Lagarde to Strasbourg (or reverse direction)
6 nights
Cruise the Marne Canal - from Paris to Epernay (or reverse direction)
6 nights
Discover the Loire Canal in the heart of France - Briare to Nevers
6 nights
Cruise along the Burgundy Canal & from the Rhone to the Rhine - Dijon to Besancon
6 nights
Canal du Rhone-à-Sète - Romantic Provence - from Arles to Sète or reverse direction
6 nights
Canal in the Burgundy - from Saint Leger-Sur-Dheune to Dijon or reverse direction
6 nights

Charter your own barge!
You can charter your own barge to travel with family or friends in style and privacy. Barges come in all sizes from 8 to 24 guests.

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