Bordeaux Cruises
Cruising through Wine Region

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Discover an exceptional region as you cruise along the mighty rivers of the Gironde, the Garonne and Dordogne.

The Bordeaux region lies near the Atlantic coast, in the south west of France. It spreads 60 miles around the city on the biggest estuary in Europe along these 3 rivers (Gironde, Garonne, Dordogne), creating the appropriate setting for wine. With 7,000 chateaux, Bordeaux is the most important wine producing region in France. Touring the vineyards and sampling the local wines is one of the great pleasures of visiting Bordeaux.

Besides wine, the region is rich with interesting sites and history dating back to the third century when Bordeaux was a prosperous Gallo-Roman city, making it as one of France's most exciting destinations. Renaissance mansions, art museums, cathedrals, 14th century castles, medieval fortresses, Grand Théâtre, châteaux, prehistoric caves, villages and rolling river valleys and many more await you as you visit this picturesque region.

Explore the region and enjoy the French countryside from the deck of your floating hotel. Our river cruises take you to the wine growing areas along the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, with opportunities to visit prestigious and best known wine- growing towns and villages Highlights include the medieval city of Blaye, medieval city of Saint-Emilion, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bordeaux, the Arcachon Basin.
Go ahead and visit this rich and diverse region aboard the Princesse D'Aquitaine on one of these exciting programs.

List of Bordeaux Cruises

Cruise Title
Click on the Cruise Code to view the Itinerary & Departure Dates
The Gironde and Dordogne Rivers - Bordeaux roundtrip
4 nights
The Gironde Estuary and River Dordogne - Bordeaux roundtrip
5 nights
Walking in the Gironde Region - Bordeaux roundtrip *Theme Cruise: Hiking*
5 nights
A Renowned Land of Plenty - Gironde Estuary, Garonne and Dordogne Rivers -Bordeaux roundtrip
6 nights
2 Mighty Rivers, The Gironde Estuary and The Arcachon Basin- Bordeaux roundtrip
7 nights
Bordeaux, Vineyards & Châteaux - Bordeaux roundtrip
7 nights
Taste of Bordeaux - Paris to Paris *New in 2016*
12 nights
A Portrait of Majestic France - Paris to Bordeaux
14 nights
Ultimate France - 7 nights cruise on the Seine river, 7 nights Bordeaux cruise, 7 nights Rhone river cruise - Paris to Lyon *New in 2015*
21 Nights

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